This page is for Knives that I have built that are available now.  Check back for new ones available.  Most of the knives I make are Custom so contact me if you would like me to make a Knife...  just for you. 
Thank you,

Snake Belly w/ Afcnblk and leather $375 +shipping (sheath included)

Marblewood Snake Belly $375 +shipping

Clear Little $180+shipping (sheath included)

Madman Bowie $1000+shipping(sheath included)

“Melvin” $375 (sheath and shipping included)

“Hawkbill” w/ Ivory $350 + shipping (sheath included)

“Last Chance” $375+ shipping (sheath included)

“Hawk Bill” w/ Pearl $350+shipping (includes Sheath)

“Prospector” $400+ shipping (includes sheath)

“Last Chance” $375+shipping (includes sheath )

“Last Chance” $375+shipping (sheath included)

“Red Heart Witch” $350 (sheath and shipping included)

“TopChop” $230+shipping (includes sheath)

Bone Roach $375+shipping (sheath included)

“Wildman” w/pearl $325+shipping(sheath included)

Texas Tornado $480+shipping(sheath included)

Boot Buddy $300+shipping(sheath included)

Wildman $325+shipping(sheath included)