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Texas Tornado w/Lignum Vitae 2

Texas Tornado with Lignum Vitae Wood Handle

This is a standard blade Texas Tornado knife.
This knife features mild steel bolsters and a Lignum Vitae Wood handle.

The common name lignum vitae is Latin, and means “tree of life” or “wood of life,” which is derived from the tree’s many medicinal uses. Regarded as one of the heaviest and hardest woods in the world. Its durability in submerged or ground-contact applications is legendary—it has been used for propeller shaft bearings on ships, and its natural oils provide self-lubrication that gives the wood excellent wear resistance.

The blade is 3-3/4” with an overall length of 8-1/2”
1095 high carbon steel full tang 3/16” thick spine.

**This knife has a sheath included. Sheath will be vegtan leather dyed brown. 
Please let me know in the notes, or send @knivesmadebynick a message on Instagram to let me know what sheath you would like.
You can choose from a standard vertical carry or a horizontal carry in with a right handed version or left handed.

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