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Texas Tornado w/Pau Rosa

Texas Tornado with Pau Rosa Wood Handle

This one off set of scales is book matched cut through a rad knot.

This is a standard blade Texas Tornado knife.

This knife features copper bolsters and a Pai Rosa Wood handle.

Pau Rosa is a very beautiful tropical wood. Depending on the specific region of the trees’ growth, colors can vary from a medium chocolate brown to an almost Padauk-like red or orange, or even a mixture of such colors which can also include yellows and purples (also like Padauk). It is a very dense wood, with grains which are typically wavy or interlocked, and moderately course. Despite its density, it is considered relatively easy to work and turns, glues and finishes well.

The blade is 3-3/4” with an overall length of 8-1/2”

1095 high carbon steel full tang 3/16” thick spine.

**This knife has a sheath included. Sheath will be vegtan leather dyed brown. 
Please let me know in the notes, or send @knivesmadebynick a message on Instagram to let me know what sheath you would like.
You can choose from a standard vertical carry or a horizontal carry in with a right handed version or left handed.

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